Sunday, February 3, 2013

Find The Perfect Tablecloth For Artsy Plates

Plates can be as decorative as they are functional-and so can cloth, for that matter. Finding the right tablecloth for an artistic plate-whether the plate is glass, ceramic, or painted-can be difficult. Sometimes a patterned tablecloth rental is perfect, sometimes it clashes. Sometimes a solid color will highlight the unique attributes of the plate, sometimes it will simply look boring. While your precise tablecloth selection will depend on the reason behind the party and the exact look of your plates, I've found the following quite helpful in planning to rent the right tablecloth.

Contrast Colors

Imagine a dark blue plate on a bright orange table cloth. Regardless of the plate's composition, you'll find that it contrasts brilliantly with an orange background. Tablecloths and plates that feature complementary colors tend to create profound, visually compelling contrast. Not only does this draw the eye; it is also visually pleasing. The caveat here is that the wrong shades can be a bit jarring, but so long as you are careful, you should be able to create a plate and party tablecloth combination that is eye-catching and compelling.

Match Prints

You'll have a bit of trouble renting a tablecloth that matches the pattern on a plate precisely. And this is fine-you don't really want a floral plate and a floral tablecloth at your party. Instead, try to match the same family of design, choosing tablecloth rentals with more empty space if the plates are densely decorated and dense designs. A contrasting color is fine-again, you can pair blue items with orange tablecloths-but try to avoid shades that clash too dramatically. If you're going with a bright purple plate, a tablecloth in a pale yellow cloth may be a better option.

Vary Textures

A glossy plate on a satin background can be a bit much. Instead, pair it with a matte party tablecloth in a differing color. Another option is to lay down a tablecloth made of sheer cloth to dull the color and add a bit of depth and visual interest. However, again, your choice will depend on the precise composition of the plate in question, as well as your personal taste. Perhaps you prefer a lot of shine because it works well in the lighting of your chosen venue. However, if you do decide to rent a glossy tablecloth, you should vary the texture elsewhere. Choose forks in brushed metal or vases in basic ceramic.

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