Sunday, April 14, 2013

Using Coastal Style Furniture In An Older Home

An older home has many rooms with different designs, with stairways going here and there. There are old fashioned bathrooms, and large bedrooms, along with cozy living rooms and large dining rooms for family and friends. Large kitchens with plenty of space to eat in and in all the rooms there is plenty of space for the different types of coastal style furniture. Each room in an older home has its own unique personality and the coastal style furniture brings out that personality.

There are many different coastal furniture pieces that can be used in various rooms of your home. An old sofa, love seat or couch, reupholstered, and re-stuffed can make the personality of your living room shine. These items become "new" again and will be able to provide your family with hours of comfort, entertainment and family togetherness. For bedrooms you can take an older dresser and night stand, repaint them and distress them and they can bring a level of style and class to whatever room you decide to place them in.

People who care about the environment will find ways to use furniture that has been made from re-claimed wood. The coastal style furniture that has been made from re-claimed wood is strong and can be stained a light to a dark color. With some of the coastal style furniture being painted different colors, the stained re-claimed wood will help to calm things down.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Properly Set a Dinner Table

More and more people are turning to eating at home instead of eating out at restaurants on a regular basis. They are finding that it is not only possible to be healthier when they eat at home, it is possible to save quite a bit of money as well. Keep in mind, just because you are eating at home does not necessarily mean that you need to eat in front of the television on a nightly basis. If you understand how to set a table properly, you may not only enjoy a home-cooked meal, you can enjoy it in style.

You should understand that there is going to be a difference between setting a dinner table for your family and setting it for guests. In most cases, your family is only going to need to have the necessary instruments on the table in order to eat and enjoy the meal. That doesn't necessarily mean, however, that you should skip some of the niceties that may be necessary for a more formal gathering. You can use this time, as a matter of fact to help train your children as to how a dinner table should be set and what type of manners are expected when they are in public.

As far as the silverware is concerned, all that is really necessary is for you to have a fork, spoon and knife at the dinner table. For more formal meals, several different forks and knives may be necessary and you may need a soup spoon along with a common spoon. Set the silverware properly at the plate, with the fork being on the left, the knife being directly on the right and the spoon being on the right side of the knife. If you have a difficult time remembering this, just try to remember that the word fork and the word left both have four letters.