Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to Control Noise Levels Inside a Room

Many companies use tiled floors and glass walls to make their office spaces look spectacular and inviting. These materials are expensive, but have the ability and the qualities to make your office and administration look classy and amazing. But these materials are also very good reflectors of sound and hence there can be a lot of disturbance when there are many people talking inside the room. This unwanted disturbance can cause a lot of stress foe the occupants of the room. It will also be difficult for you to understand what another person is saying. To reduce the reflection of sound and to dampen the noise inside a room make sure your office room has suitable ceiling panels installed. These panels can help you cut the reflection of sound by a very great margin and will be able to give you a business environment that is free of unwanted disturbances.

Interior noise control

Interior ceiling panels are used to control the level of noise inside a room. These acoustic products are made of the highest quality material and are designed to give a classy look and professional feel to the interiors of an office room. At the same time they also help to reduce or even eliminate the reverberations caused by noise levels inside the room. This helps to improve the sound quality. The panels are easy to look at and give a pleasing effect to the eye and give a different look to your ceiling.

Fireproof material

These well designed ceiling panels are made of fireproof material which means that they will not catch fire in case of an accident. This will give you a lot of peace of mind. They also come in a texture that looks like a paint finish. They can also be cleaned very easily. These products are designed to fit almost any kind suspended roof grid system. These products can be effectively used in commercial offices, lecture rooms, function rooms, etc.

Timber product

For the more luxury conscious customers there are ceiling panels that are made from timber. These grooved, slotted, and perforated timber products are available in a wide range of decorative surfaces and patterns. The surface finishing is available in a variety of options such as veneers, laminates, paints, etc. These specially engineered panels can be individually perforated to perfectly dissipate sound. These products are precisely guided into the correct spots to give that perfect decorative effect.

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