Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips for a Springtime Spruce Up

Many have the idea that re-decorating a room has to be a tedious, overly-complicated process, and do not know where to start. For the spring season, sprucing up that living room or bedroom is best in this season because you can get the most color inspiration from right outside your window. Nature's gifts tend to become more evident with flowers blooming, trees growing and the warm sun allowing us to partake in its radiance. Of this you can find a quasi endless supply of colors for use in home revitalization.

Changing your Furniture
Swap your dark furniture pieces for lighter, brighter pieces such as a spring-colored wicker replacement. When filled with garden-inspired pieces, rooms tend to come alive as they are filled with similar colors seen right out your front door. Given that flowers are the official representative of springtime, don't be afraid to invest in floral furniture pieces. This will add a new dynamic to that room, and create a focal point for guests. If you do not want to completely replace your dark furniture pieces yet still want to add bright colors to the room, slipcovers and fabric tableskirts are a great way to compensate. It's a good idea to visit your local furniture store, as they will have ideas readily available for both your space and budget.

Go Vintage & Visit Your Rug Dealer
When redecorating for the spring season, look at furniture pieces that you may have that although, are older simply need a bit of tender love and care. The greatest perk about vintage furniture is that you can change the appearance of these pieces for your own tastes and take a bit of risk with color. Resurrect a vintage piece with bright colors that coincide with the general theme of that specific room. You can use this specific piece of furniture as your focal point, or invest in a bright-colored rug from your local rug dealer. Throw rugs throughout the home can liven up a space that has generally neutral colors. Once again before you visit your rug dealer, observe the general colors of your home, take pictures, and bring them with you when you are ready to scope out beautiful accent rugs. This way you have a better understanding which rugs would go best with the rest of the furniture pieces of your home as opposed to guessing and coming home with little more than buyer's remorse.

Visit Your Local Furniture Store
These are just a couple suggestions for revamping and bringing a bit of springtime cheer into your home. Of course there is a bountiful supply of resources that are available to you online for home décor and design, but do not underestimate the knowledge and advice that can be valuable to you from your local furniture store or rug dealer. It's great to be able to have quick access to décor information, but it is even better when you see those suggestions in person. So be in step with the beautiful colors that accompany the spring season by translating those hues into your home.

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