Monday, September 16, 2013


Having a small house is indeed a challenge for us. We have to come up with several ideas to make our home look more spacious. If you want to make your room more open, you can get light-colored flooring. You can shop around for light-colored flooring at Your room will look more open if you install light colored carpet of light oak flooring. For the ceiling, you can opt for a light color as well. Light colors or white color will simple open up your space above. Choosing the right flooring is actually an activity that combines both your careful thinking and personal taste. What is more, flooring will be the surface your beloved people at home walk, stand, and sit on. To increase the satisfaction of your home remodeling project, you are supposed to ask several key questions to yourself.

The first question is what the size of your family regularly uses the room is. The second question is how much traffic the floor will receive. In one case, since the durability and ease of cleaning are top criteria when choosing the right flooring for kitchen, you can go for ceramic tile or linoleum. What is more, linoleum now is less expensive and available in a wide array of designs. Ceramic tiles are also perfect for kitchen flooring as they are easy to maintain. The third question is whether you have pets or children at your home. If you have children who love wandering around, you have to ensure that safety is your main priority when choosing the right flooring. The fourth question is whether your floor is exposed to moisture regularly. The fifth question is how long you expect your new flooring to last. The sixth question is how often the flooring will need cleaning.

Here are more tips to make your room appear more open and larger, in addition to choose the right flooring type. The first tip is you have to maintain the visual balance. Let's face it; brightly colored element will only decrease the appearance of your room. The second tip is you need to limit the number of accessories in your room. By doing so, you can avoid the cluttered feeling. The third tip is you can add wall mirrors. Your light colored flooring will be reflected by wall mirrors. As the result, your room will like to double in size. The last thing is getting recessed spot lighting.

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